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Yes! We're Open!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Among the many transitions the U.S.A. finds herself in the midst of, we want to make sure visitors to Suttons Bay and Leelanau County in general know that while we will be laying low in April, and essentially remaining open, we will be reevaluating things the beginning of May 2020. Our peak season really kicks off around mid May and while we have limited availability until then, we are currently open and taking bookings for your summer get-away, vacation, event, or your fall color-wine-tasting-fling! We also are keeping a pulse on the local business changes (hours, offerings, limitations, and perks) during the shut-downs, closings and such to help our guests navigate these times and still have the up-North experience in food, drink, and beaches!

If you have a booking with us for this spring or summer, please be aware that we are happy to work with you on any changes you may need based on the changes that may - or may not - happen in our state, your state, or the country at large due to COVID-19. Please be aware of our cancelation policy (view here) and keep the timelines in mind when considering any changes you may need to make. Keep in mind, full refunds are given if your cancelation is made more than 14 days prior to your arrival date.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any concerns or questions.

Call: 231.271.8309 Email:

Or send us a message via our Contact Us Page

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